Evacuation chair, an essential safety feature

How to take care of the safety of your employees or users of our facilities? We often invest in complex solutions aimed at early detection of a threat or its quick prevention. Unfortunately, this is not always the case. What if we fail to contain the threat and it becomes necessary to leave the facility? How to ensure safe evacuation of all people in the building / industrial plant?

Unfortunately, we often find buildings in which there is no appropriate equipment for the safety of users. In others, despite the equipment, steps are not taken to comply with other legal obligations. There may be a lack of or no properly trained operators and maintenance is not always carried out. As a result, the responsible organization (s) are in a difficult position. They risk non-compliance and knowingly endanger their own and others’ lives. All buildings should have appropriate security solutions. Appropriate fire risk assessments should be carried out and emergency procedures developed, including individual or general emergency evacuation plans. In addition, evacuation equipment should be easily accessible and properly maintained. Most importantly, there should be a sufficient number of suitably trained personnel to assist with the evacuation. Only proper care for all the previously mentioned elements results in the improvement of the safety of building users.

The text was written in cooperation with specialists in fire protection.

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