FALCON evacuation chair

The FALCON evacuation chair is the perfect solution for the evacuation of people with special needs up the stairs. It allows one person to safely and easily evacuate a person down stairs in the event of an emergency or when elevators cannot be used.
The FALCON evacuation chair also allows you to evacuate upward stairs and transfer through obstacles.

Seat belt
Seat belt
Carrying handles
Carrying handles
Adjustable headrest with a belt securing the head
Adjustable handle


  1. Telesopic extendable handle
    The designed solution allows the handle to be pulled out to the desired height.
  2. Easily accessible manual
    The instruction manual is located on the back side of the headrest, making it visible to the operator for the duration of the chair operation.
  3. Folding handrails
    They are used during horizontal evacuation, e.g. in a corridor, room, etc.
  4. Safety belt
    The two rows of belts used guarantee the safety of the evacuated person.
    Optionally, the chair can be equipped with an additional leg belt.
  5. Footrest
    Anti-slip on operating handle and lower bracket.
  6. Carrying handles
    The chair is equipped with carrying handles.
  7. Armrests
    Optionally, the chair can be equipped with armrests.


  • Easy to use
  • Single person operation
  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for both ascent and descent
  • Multiple use during one evacuation process
  • Stand-alone or wall mounted
  • TÜV Certificate
  • ISO 9001:2015 Compilant - BSI
  • CE approved medical device
  • Made in EU
  • Quality and safety checks throughout manufacture


  • Photo luminescent signage
  • Wall mounted hooks
  • Dust cover
  • User guide




1170 mm
1630 mm
290 mm
500-525 mm
14,9 kg
Material (frame)
Steel and aluminium
Maximum carrying capacity
228 kg

The best choice of evacuation chairs

The FALCON evacuation chair has been designed to transport people in a sitting position up and down stairs and on a level ground. The FALCON evacuation chair gives the opportunity to overcome the challenge of evacuating people with reduced mobility from a building in the event of a fire or other emergency. The product is an indispensable solution in the event of a power failure, maintenance or justified incidents preventing the use of the elevator in the facility. People in the facility can easily and safely use our product to transport or evacuate people who are (or may become) incapable of standard use of the escape routes.

The person responsible for the evacuation of the building must provide all necessary emergency procedures, training, equipment and maintenance of the equipment in the facility to guarantee the safe evacuation of all users of the facility in an emergency.

The FALCON evacuation chair is a unique solution that allows you to achieve the above assumptions and goals.

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Certificate ISO 9001:2015 BSI

TÜV Certyficate - "Product checked"

Winner of the platinum award at the international fair "INTARG 2021"

Easy to use thanks to the use of intuitive solutions

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