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The mere purchase of evacuation chairs does not mean that all safety requirements (in terms of evacuation) have been met.
It is important that appropriate procedures are developed, operators are trained, and that evacuation chairs are periodically inspected and maintained.

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Evacuation chairs

High-quality European products


Possibility of retrofitting the evacuation chair with additional accessories


Detailed training materials, such as films, multimedia presentations


We provide warranty and service inspections

Evacuation chairs

Below are high-quality evacuation chairs. Familiarize yourself with and choose the right evacuation chair for your building. If you have any questions, please contact us – we will be happy to answer your questions and advise you on the right solution.

Everest evacuation chair

evacuation chair

Below you will find other evacuation chairs from our company.
Falcon evacuation chair

evacuation chair

Below you will find other evacuation chairs from our company.
Robin evacuation chair

evacuation chair

Below you will find other evacuation chairs from our company.

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Ensafe chairs support

Statistical data show that, unfortunately, from time to time, fires and other local threats occur in facilities of various purposes, determining the performance of a quick and efficient evacuation.

When such an event occurs and there is a need to use an emergency chair, you must be sure that it is 100% functional and complete.
To ensure this, use our recommended annual inspections that are carried out by experienced and certified engineers of our service.

The EnSafe-Chair evacuation chairs guarantee seamless operation and high quality. Our company has implemented a quality management system confirmed by the BSI certificate (ISO 9001: 2015). Our chairs are safe for users, which is confirmed by research and certificates, including TUV “Proven Product”

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